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Damn It Mina!!! with Minasmols

We finally got around to getting Mina her own solo episode. And I am ecstatic that we did! Mina has been a fantastic cosplayer to get to know over the last year. The quality of her hand crafted costumes improves with each new venture. And on top of that, Mina NEVER back down from a new challenge. You will hear the passion behind her experiences in the local events. And I truly it hope that it inspires you all as well.

Every Friend is Greg!!! Claire's Closet Cosplay

I'm sorry about missing the episode last week, but I can't leave y'all hangin for 2 weeks in a row. This week's guest is Claire's Closet Cosplay! Claire has been in the Utah local cosplay community for some time now, but has recently moved back to Texas to further increase her cosplaying skills and attain other goals. As you will hear, Claire has a quick wit and strong personality to accompany the creativity that she employs.

As an immense fan of the game "World of Warcraft", Claire uses her knowledge of the game and that passion to enhance the costumes that she creates from the game. And as you will hear at the end of the episode, Claire uses her lovely voice to bring life to the characters he loves so much.

Claire's Closet Cosplay

Cracked Brain

DRAMATIC...PAUSE!!! with Izzi Keener and Hotrod Heather

The craziness is alive and well, and this time it's NOT only Stephan delivering in this episode. Our guests Hotrod Heather and Izzi Keener are the dynamic cosplay couple that I know ALL of us want to be. Generous, upbuilding, supportive, chaotically funny, accepting of challenge, goal oriented, WE CAN GO ON FOR A LONG TIME WITH THIS!

These two are the best people you want in your group, to bring the great times, fun memories, and the glue of unity that we all need at a Con. Fantastic cosplayers that cosplay the characters that they both love immensely. And when you're around these two, it really is like being right next to the character that they are cosplaying. You're about to listen to one of the funniest episodes that has ever been recorded on this podcast.

Hotrod Heather

Izzi Keener

Cracked Brain

Stuff N' Things!!! with Pannon

We're going a step further in this episode. Today's guest, Pannon, is recognized worldwide as an energetic, humorous, and tremendously talented cosplayer. Pannon has competed in numerous cosplay competitions at events across the country. And as a long standing Master's Class competitor, she has been able to push herself and the creativity of her work to amazing lengths. And as the other half of the duo, Green Jello Cosplay, Pannon has been able to create a juggernaut-like team that strikes awe when they compete.

Many will also recognize Pannon and her cosplay partner Garnet Runestar, as the US representatives for WCS 2014. WCS, World Cosplay Summit, is basically the cosplay Olympics; with cosplayers officially selected to represent their home countries in a competition of showmanship, creativity, and skill. In this episode, you will hear about Pannon's experience qualifying, being selected, and then representing Team USA. 


Cosplay Stitch & Seam

Cracked Brain

Spider-Man Kiss Me Caiden!!! With Caiden Tolman

Dwarven Gamer Beard!!! with TacitusNerdom

I LOVE HAVING RETURN GUESTS!!! Michael Todd comes back to regale us with Greek/Roman History and GAMES! Mike has really come into his own in regards to the nerdy community. Mike has always been a gamer, but now he is venturing into the world of cosplay. We only talk about it for a second, but he is planning to do Floki from the series "Vikings". Mike is also hard at work on developing his wood working skills. I love the self motivating spirit that Mike puts forth everyday. 

Michael Todd

Mosers Custom Computers

Cracked Brain

These Delicious Ribs!!! with Atom Bomb Body

With this being the Cracked Brain Cosfit month, I think it's fitting to have a representative of the fitness community be on an episode. Jasmine Elliott, or what she has become known to many Atom Bomb Body, joins me on the Podcast. Jasmine has become an example of hard work and diligence. 

Unsatisfied with a regular "9-5" job, Jasmine invested herself fully into modeling and fitness. Since then, she has been able to compete in many body building competitions. During this time as well, Jasmine has developed a fondness of body paint modeling and cosplay. Using the creativity from her love of gaming and the results from determined training; she has been able to bring the characters that she loves so much to true life.

Atom Bomb Body

Cracked Brain

Window Tentacles!!! with TinyTeaCos & SommerTimeIsTheBest

Time for some more chaotic and meandering fun! And who better to have on than TinyTeaCos and SommerTimeIsTheBest. This time we at least stayed on topic for a good portion of the podcast. If you didn't listen to the last time these talented women were on the podcast, I highly encourage you to go and start there. These two put there heart and soul into each cosplay that they do. Yet, all that hard work would not be complete unless they also through in some personality to go along with that, and personality is a trait that these two have in ample supply.

TinyTeaCos (Thi)

SommerTimeIsTheBest (Sonia)

Cracked Brain

Superhero Underwear!!! with SLC Green Arrow & Woodpecker Cosplay

It's time to check back in with Kelly Poynter for more cosplay greatness! And then there's another guy on the episode... Brandon Peck. SLC Green Arrow and Woodpecker Cosplay return for another episode to hang out, update everyone on what we've been working on, and MUCH MORE! For any that may be unfamiliar with some of the things that make Kelly one of the most amazing people that I know, listen to the very first episode that we had together, the 6th episode of Cracked Brain Podcast. And Brandon, being the head of the CB YouTube and Video Production Head has been a crucial member of Cracked Brain that has always inspired me to keep working harder.

But when you get all 3 of us together, the madness truly begins. The jokes fly, the impressions are attempted, and for some reason we MUST eat! These 2 men are dear friends, inspirations, and fantastic advocates of positivity in a community that can horrendously negative.

We're also joined by Tannis Poynter, Kelly's tremendously talented wife. Wonderful artist, makeup artist, seamstress, and crafter; Tannis has been hard at work creating new pieces at PinPoyntFX. And with a new venture coming soon, Tannis is going to shake the geek community with some intruiging and exciting things. And then DON'T FORGET THE LOVABLE PUPPERS THAT JOINED US, MONSTERFACE!

SLC Green Arrow

6th Episode:

Woodpecker Cosplay

PinPoynt Makeup Artistry

Cracked Brain

What's That Username Again!?! with George Alcoser

I think its about time we had a BONUS EPISODE!!! And who better to have on as a guest than our exquisite shadowcast performer, George Alcoser. If you remember from the last time that George was on the Podcast, he is a part of a local theatre group that performs in the style of Shadow Cast performances. Shadow cast is a style where the film version of the production plays behind the live version simultaneously. The live performers have the difficulty of remaining in-sync with the film, never detracting from the film being played, but also must bring a creative and alternate performance that goes hand in hand with what's being played behind them.

The performing group that George is a part of is Cosplay Productions. Cosplay Productions, is a fantastic group of cosplay performers that throw their all into every aspect of the performance. Being skilled cosplayers, gives them an understanding of the costuming and props that accompany the performance. In addition, the performing aspect requires them to portray their characters to the fullest.

In addition to Cosplay Productions, George is also a now experienced karaoke jockey. Black Out Entertainment is the company George performs as a KJ for during the week. With the unrelenting energy that comes naturally, George enlivens The Ice Haus to a fun, raucous degree.

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