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New products are available in the Cracked Brain Shopify Store

It’s our great pleasure to be able to offer another chance to get some amazing merch that has not been offered before. SHIRTS, STICKERS, MUGS, AND MORE!!! We’ve always wanted to be able to offer the kind of products that you all deserve, and this store is our next step to be able to do that. With a wide variety of items and low prices, you now have the chance to get Cracked Brain merch that you’ll be proud to show off. Use discount code “cbshop” for 10% off your entire order!

Interested in being on a BONUS episode of Cracked Brain Podcast?

The interview format of the Cracked Brain Podcast is back as bonus episodes. With that being the case, if you are a cosplayer, writer, artist, or any other kind of creative person you can now sign up to be a guest. Sign up today and let’s record some fun times.

Join the Cracked Brain Discord Community. Get updates on features, events, future content and MORE! Also, share stories, make friends, and provide suggestions. Chat directly with the Cracked Brain Team and see the astonishing amount to memes and GIFs that are infamous in the chats.

The Cracked Brain Podcast is now available on Stitcher

It took a little time, but the podcast is now available to stream on Stitcher. Trying to give everyone as many outlets to listen. Check it out and leave a review.

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