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The Cracked Brain Patreon page is now LIVE!!! We are excited to offer content that WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON PATREON. Episodes of both "Inside My Head" and "Do You Even Nerd, Brah?". Behind the scenes videos, CB store discounts, and MORE!!! Become a "Member" now to gain access to this amazing content.

Welcome to Cracked Brain Cosplay! Home of the Cracked Brain Podcast, Kawaii-Cast Podcast, The Sundae Bar, and a small community of cosplayers. Here, we strive to offer you an entertaining and informative costuming experience. BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE EPISODE AND A REVIEW ON iTUNES!

You can also send stuff out to us!!!

P.O. Box 976

Orem, UT 84059

Join the Cracked Brain Discord Community. Get updates on features, events, future content and MORE! Also, share stories, make friends, and provide suggestions.

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Spent some time working on the Cracked Brain Cospod Twitch channel. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all of the upcoming Twitch streams. As an added bonus, we have designed Cracked Brain merch that is only available there. If you would like Cracked Brain mugs or phone cases, as an example, go to All merch bought will go into the production costs for more upcoming content.

We are CLEARING OUT our T-shirt inventory. All shirts are on sale for $12.50. Only Medium and Large sizes available. Use code: MEMBER to receive FREE SHIPPING. Now is the perfect time to get your shirt!!!  


The Cracked Brain Podcast is now available on Stitcher

It took a little time, but the podcast is now available to stream on Stitcher. Trying to give everyone as many outlets to listen. Check it out and leave a review.

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