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CBP 131 "Facebook Peen Ads"!!!

This is the second episode recorded during the December 29th Livestream. We actually managed to have a topic and stay on it for a bit. But then things just, well you know how we are. Stephan is back with Brandon, Carly, and Ray for another episode of the Cracked Brain Podcast. Our primary topic this time? The random Facebook penis ads that were “popping up” a few weeks ago. Brandon got them, Stephan got them, and they want answers as to what Facebook is trying to say.

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Cracked Brain

CBP Ep 130 Next Segment

The short hiatus is OVER!!! It’s time to get back to podcasting magic. Welcome to the new version of the Cracked Brain Podcast. If you loved the CrackedTube Vodcasts we used to do, get ready for something familiar and some new fun chaos. In this episode, I am joined by Ray, Brandon, and Carly for some of your beloved Cracked Brain madness. We’re still ironing out some of the kinks with the format and the livestream, but we’re still firing on all cylinders. The Podcast will be livestreamed via our Cracked Brain Patreon site. So if you want to jump in on the madness with us during the recording, swing over to Patreon and sign up!

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It’s All Connected!!!

We got the OG Members of the Team together to record another fun episode. I gotta say that I truly do miss getting these idiots together. Not really sure that we have a theme other than to rip on Brandon. And we do that quite well. Time for some old CrackedTube fun!

Cracked Brain

#TeamSameName!!! Part 2

#TeamSameName!!! Part 1

Technically NOT 10!!! with Missy Moody

So we’re TECHNICALLY not at 10 just yet, but Moody is back around for another fantastic episode. Now working for herself, Madame Moody has started taking her costuming to a whole new level. In this episode, we’ll hear how that adjustment has been, her recent experiences at New York Comic Con, more Cosplay Boyfriend, and TONS MORE!!!

Madame Moody

Cracked Brain

Sooo Skyrim!!! with Chanstill

Catchin' Up!!! with Reclaimerite Props

It’s about time that we get into the normal patterns for the podcast again. And I couldn’t think of another person better to do that with than someone that hasn’t been on the Podcast in a little while. Sage Fotu Male sits down on the Cracked Brain Podcast again; and this time we’re actually in chairs. It’s been a bit over a year and quite a bit has happened for both of us. We chat about Sage getting into DJ’ing, getting back in to cosplay, and more. You even hear the “Voice Acting RTX Panel” story again.

Best Bro-mance!!!

This is the last of the Snake River Fandom Con recordings. And what was only supposed to be a quick 15 minute recording, turned into a full episode. Markus Moss and Carter Lee sit down and share stories of Salt Lake FanX and the GREATEST BRO-MANCE that you will ever witness.

As members of the Snake River Defenders, Carter and Markus have been able to take part in charity events as cosplayers and take part in a few fan films.

Turkey Battle Cry!!! SRFC Part 2

This is the last of the multi-recording episodes of the Snake River Fandom Con episodes. Listen in as Stephan sits down with Aaron Cody Snyder, author EC Stilson, and Chelsea Wilkerson and Matt Asboe of the Snake River Defenders. Thank you to everyone that came and asked to record; and sorry that Stephan wasn’t able to sit down with everyone. Next year we promise to keep the mics on for everyone that wants to record. But until then, check out these awesome quick interviews.

Snake River Defenders

EC Stilson

Wolfe’s Reaction Productions

Cracked Brain

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