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(Uranus by Sleeping At Last)

Air fills my lungs. I look up around me. An internal sensation of just existing courses through my veins. I recognize my body taking up space. I’m aware of the air I breathe.

But none of it matters.

As the bass finally emerges in the beginning of the song, my feet dig into the sand 100 feet below the surface of the water. It’s a soft cushion on my feet after the graceful sinking to the ocean floor. My clothes dance around me as the currents smoothly ebb and flow. The light is somewhat absorbed. Even though it’s the middle of the day, the water makes it appear as if it were a peaceful summer evening. I follow the current, slowly and gracefully running along the bottom of the ocean. Oxygen doesn’t matter down here. I breathe evenly and deeply. With each movement I make, I feel the slight resistance of the water, but at the same time, a calming weightlessness that envelops my body in a sense of tranquility. I lightly push away from the ocean floor and steadily rise. 50 feet between the bottom of the ocean and the surface of the water, I stop moving. My body is suspended in action, my hair lifting away from my shoulders in a graceful swirl around my head. My eyes scan around me. All I can see is the blue of the ocean with light equivalent to a late afternoon.

The song starts over after being set to repeat. But this time, it’s a different projection.

As the bass eases in again, my steady rise above the surface of the planet is deemed successful by the vitalizing burst through the Earth’s atmosphere. The ascent was rapid, but the wind almost seemed nonexistent. As I drift farther from the Earth’s atmosphere, I turn my body to face the planet like a ballerina’s slow pirouette. I gaze down at the wonders of our home and cosmic energy just fills my body. Billions of years course through my veins as the stars twinkle above and the soothing glow of the Earth is the only thing encompassing my life. I travel along the horizon of our planet before accelerating myself into deep space. I’m most likely traveling the speed of light, but the planets, stars, and solar systems pass my gaze at a casual pace. As I slow myself, nebulae dance around me in a display of suspended beauty, having lifetimes to perform its mesmerizing dance. I close my eyes and listen to the hum of space and everything in it.

I feel weightless no matter where I am. This song brings to me a sense of slow grace that enhances the grace I sometimes feel within. For the last little while, I’ve felt heavy and stuck to the Earth, like gravity was trying to hold me a little too close. But as I listen to "Uranus", I feel like gravity is keeping me where I need to be. I feel as if I can stand taller and not be pulled down by the weight of metaphorical gravity.

I can be a lightyear in space or 100 feet below the surface of the water in the coldest of oceans, but the warmth of my weightlessness is enough to revitalize myself in ways that some of my normal methods can’t. This song doesn’t bring about sadness or melancholy, but rather, an inner peace amid the kindled fire of my being. Even if for a moment, my soul is at ease and I feel one with my surroundings.

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