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Come on in! The ice cream's almost ready!

(Sample Hyperlink: Xauric- Crystallize )

Do you ever just listen to music and feel so in the moment? Whether it’s on a train and watching the scenery fly by or reveling in the moments with your friends? When you’re at a concert and the music hits your soul in a way that only you would find meaning? Have you ever heard a song and pictured one thing in your mind and found out another friend sees a totally different thing?

Welcome to The Sundae Bar. A blog dedicated to those moments spawned due to some form of media or entertainment. Here, followers will be able to listen to the experiences I’ve had with certain media and its outlets, submit their own experiences, and have two different means of getting the content. The Sundae Bar consists of an audio/transcript format. If you’re hard of hearing or can’t listen to audio at the moment? The transcript is for you! If you’re driving or unable to read the post, then the audio format is available voiced by none other than Carly, the blog head herself. Everyone from every walk of life is invited to participate in and absorb the conten. So sit back, relax, grab a spoon, and dive on in to The Sundae Bar.

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