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Well, I guess it's about time that I write a little about me. I'M STEPHAN!!! Stephan Watson to be precise. And since I'm the one that started this whole thing, I should talk a bit about me and why I did all of this. I started doing the podcast to get myself out of a funk for the most part. I hadn't talked to my family in CA for about a year. My marriage was good at that point, but with definite hiccups. And overall I wasn't super happy about anything. At that same time, I was thinking about getting back into crafting and cosplaying. I also hadn't hosted or produced a podcast in a few years. So why not blend both of them to get back into two old hobbies.

As I said above, the Cracked Brain Podcast was started just as side hobby. I didn't have any aspirations at the time to grow it into ANYTHING like what I'm planning now. But, things began to evolve after meeting Candace Chesley. And with every new idea, came a new person to the team. I am incredibly proud of the direction that Cracked Brain is heading into.

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