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Ep 17 with Roman Candle Cosplay (Part 1)

So from the title you can deduce that this is not the full episode. That should tell you how amazing it REALLY was. This week's episode is with Carly Hardman, of Roman Candle Cosplay. This young woman is an energetic and talented fireball of a cosplayer. The level of intricate detail that she brings to every costume truly encapsulate Cosplay as an art form. Carly brings every character to life in her work. Some of which, truly capture her real personality.

Ep 2 with Madame Moody

During this episode, I had the amazing sit down with Madame Moody. An ingenious costume designer that specializes in the horror genre. This woman's terrifying creative genius has been a staple in the Utah horror community for years, and continues to grow. The Madame distinguishes the fine line between cosplay and costume design.

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