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Cosplay ALL The Games!!! with Pigtails & Power Tools Cosplay Creations

Get ready for a giggly nostalgia episode. Ainsley Bircher of Pigtails & Power Tools Cosplay joins me on this particular episode. Well known for her Samus Aran cosplay, Ainsley has been one of the premier cosplayers in Utah and across the country. With a keen eye to detail, she is able to bring every one of her masterpieces to hyper-realistic life. Ainsley has had the immense priviledge to judge quite a few of our cosplay contests at a variety of local events. 

In addition to work already discussed, Ainsley has shared her cosplays to a broader audience by attending numerous conventions throughout the country. Many have recognized her great talent in the realm of intricate detail and lively performance. And far from losing the perspective of where she came from, Ms. Bircher has done her utmost to give back in ways that she can. She has instructed classes at a few locations such as Beck Leather & Crafts and Anarchy Girls Cospace.

Ending Song: "Legacy" by Gone Jackals


Cracked Brain

Ep 25 with Katrina Kosplay

Not 100% sure if this is the half way point in the Pre-FanX Blitz, but let's just say it is. Anyway, this episode is with the lovely Katrina Kosplay!!! For someone so new to cosplay, Katrina has a cosmic level of passion for the art. Every character that she chooses is from a place of respect and love. And that love is clearly seen in the photos taken and the life she releases into every cosplay. Recreating shots from art and comics that she loves to getting goofy with teaser shots, Katrina is always bringing something new to the table. And with all that, combined with a love of gaming and anime!!!! Before and after the episode, we were fan-girling over our favorite anime moments and series. Be sure to keep in touch with the fun that Katrina masterfully shares.



Ep 14 with Reclaimerite-Sage Props

This week I had on Sage, of Reclaimerite-Sage Props. This young man is an amazing cosplayer and talented prop maker. The level of detail that Sage brings to every piece of his work is truly phenomenal. While still in high school, Sage has committed himself down the path of a filmmaker and prop designer.


Ep 13 with Larissa Paige

This week, I'm sitting down with the lovely and talented Larissa Paige. Larissa has been a newer, yet powerful addition to the professional cosplayer arena. And even though she still finds it difficult to consider herself as a pro in this world, her work as a designer and the achievements she's had in her career definitely regard her as a professional. Larissa has had the great fortune to be invited to numerous Cons around the country. All the while, Larissa has never lost her humility and starting motivation. I personally look forward to seeing where Larissa goes in her career. 





Ep 9 with Mad House Custom Costumes

Sat down with Boots and Julie from Mad House Custom Costumes in Sandy, UT. This was such an amazing opportunity to get to know some inspiring women. The contagious, colorful nature of Julie and Boots is directly proportional to the fantastic work that these two create. I was personally blown away with the dresses, shoes/boots, materials....EVERYTHING ABOUT MAD HOUSE PRETTY MUCH!!! Be sure to check out their store at 9350 S. State St in Sandy, UT. Follow their Facebook (@madhousecostumeco) and Instagram ( to stay up to date on their upcoming events and specials.

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