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Once Lost, But Now Found!!! with Sami Lamae & Mitch

Well, I honestly thought that this episode was lost to the horror that was the "broken old laptop". But thankfully, I was able to find a copy. And I hope everyone is ready for the chaos that follows when 2 idiotic men start talking about games, cosplay, and Ace Ventura. Aaaaaaand I guess Sami was there too. Sami Lamae and Mitch McFarland join me for this insane episode.

Many of you are already familiar with Sami Lamae's exquisite cosplay work. Sami has been a fantastic addition to the Utah cosplay community. Her diligent efforts to bring every character to life shine through her work magnificently. However, the rising star of this episode is Mitch McFarland. Mitch cosplays every so often, in a wide variety of character ranges. But more prominently, Mitch and his brother Brad create some of the funniest YouTube gaming content I've seen as of late. Their channel, Some Stupid Gaming Channel, delivers quality humor to retro games. If you haven't heard of their channel, it is definitely worth a watch and a subscribe on YouTube.

Lamae Cosplay

Mitch McFarland

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