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Ep 26 with Miss Snikt

The Pre-FanX Blitz is almost over. But that just means that there are still great episodes comin in the near future. I have been looking forward to uploading this episode, since right after we ended the recording. This episode, I sit down with Kaliegh Walther, or how we all should keep her in our hearts as, Miss Snikt. With a love that could rival any story written, Miss Snikt displays her respect for her beloved Wolverine by donning the cowl and claws. And seen firsthand, her knowledge of our brawling Logan is second to none. But the cosplay genius does not end there. With characters ranging from Ariel to Tank Girl, Miss Snikt brings to life a vast variety of picturesque and vibrant characters and costumes. This is definitely one cosplayer that you want to continually follow. 





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