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Capitan Espresso!!! 50 Shades of Cosplay & Vanellope Von Osgood

Welcome to another episode where another new cosplay name is born. Melanie Hamburg, of Vanellope Von Osgood Cosplay, and Nadia Crimson, best known as Utah's Captain Jack Giving Back, join me on the podcast for quite a bit of fun. I'm sorry for the poor audio quality all around; this episode was recorded in the interim where the old laptops were all I had. It may be a little hard to hear, but I can assure you that you will all love this episode.

In addition to talking about espresso, movies, and cosplay stories; the new name for Nadia's cosplay was birthed as Fifty Shades of Nope.

Nadia has been a fantastic staple of the Utah cosplay community with the great charity help that she has been a part of as Capt Jack Sparrow. Her love for the character shines through brilliantly, with exquisite detail in the costume and a nearly flawless performance. I knew that portraying Captain Jack Sparrow was difficult, but Nadia briefly explains the true difficulties that come from acting like this iconic character.

And Melanie is just as recognizable to those in this community as well. Not only does she support Nadia in a great many cosplay endeavors, but also her fiance. The genuine interactions between the two is comedic, sincere, and enviable. Many have come to recognize Melanie as Warrior Fiona from "Shrek" or Sadness from "Inside Out"

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