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Oh Yeah... Vermont Exists!!! with Charleemanderz

We're back this weekend, and this time we have a special guest. Variety streamer and cosplayer Charleemanderz joins us on this livestream episode. Get ready for tons of League of Legends talk; some streaming stories; and the usual CB crazy that follows. Even with 2 power outages during the middle of the episode, WE CAN'T BE STOPPED!!!


Cracked Brain

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The SLGC Rant w/ Cohlrabi and Peachy Kari

The wait is OVER! We are back and we’re coming back with a very special episode. Local Twitch streamers Cohlrabi and Peachy Kari join our host Stephan to relate our experiences as panelists at the most recent Salt Lake Gaming Con event. Quick warning before the episode gets going, we aren’t that nice in this episode. Check out this episode, then swing by both of their Twitch Channels for more awesome gaming content.

Best Playlist!!! with Canary Cry Cosplay

These Delicious Ribs!!! with Atom Bomb Body

With this being the Cracked Brain Cosfit month, I think it's fitting to have a representative of the fitness community be on an episode. Jasmine Elliott, or what she has become known to many Atom Bomb Body, joins me on the Podcast. Jasmine has become an example of hard work and diligence. 

Unsatisfied with a regular "9-5" job, Jasmine invested herself fully into modeling and fitness. Since then, she has been able to compete in many body building competitions. During this time as well, Jasmine has developed a fondness of body paint modeling and cosplay. Using the creativity from her love of gaming and the results from determined training; she has been able to bring the characters that she loves so much to true life.

Atom Bomb Body

Cracked Brain

I'm Bad At Being Stoic!!! with Jax Bayne

A little time has passed since Jax Bayne was last on the Podcast. However, so much has happened since then. Jax, has greatly improved as a streamer and a cosplayer. Her Twitch streams have become much more interactive and largely more fun. And the skill in her cosplay has developed even further as well. To the point that others, such as the developers of the game Banner Saga 3 noticed and asked Jax to help represent their game at PAX East 2018.

Jax Bayne

Cracked Brain

Space City Props

Empty Deity

Cocaine Toe!!!Ash Vulcain & BookerNoir

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