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Project Kilted Sideburns!!! with Neff Michael

Pardon the slightly longer intro to this episode. There were a few things that I needed to say first. But, this episode is all about.......STAR WARS!!! Well to be specific, it's about Mandolorians, Star Wars Rebels, Clone Wars, and a few other things. Michael Neff, or just Neff, joins me on today's episode to dive into everything I just listed up above here. Neff is not only an extremely caring cosplayer; but he also charitably assists those in need in the community. He and Bill Rowe host Cosplay Night at The Union, a Salt Lake City local tavern. The mission of Cosplay Night is to bring the community together to have fun, and to assist a sponsored person or organization in need. As a previous "assisted individual", these events truly help emotionally and financially. I wholeheartedly support this endeavor, and ask that all who can attend to please do so.


When You Wish Upon The Force!!! with Amber & Derek Dahl

Back from Comicpalooza, and ready to give you all some more podcast goodness! Thank you to everyone that made that Con soooo much fun for me. Met some amazing cosplayers, acted like the lunatic that I am, and got to hang out with fantastic family. Comicpalooza will definitely be on my list to revisit in the coming years.

But, let's get into this episode. Amber Dahl and her husband Derek visit the podcast in this episode. Amber is a blogger, prop maker, and cosplayer. She has diligently worked on combining to of her beloved fandoms, Star Wars and Disney. In this endeavor, she created her blog When You Wish Upon The Force that does just that. We talk quite a bit about our shared love for all things Disney in this episode. And with her blog as her platform, Amber will be sharing her experience of joining and creating her first 501st cosplay. For those that may be unfamiliar, the 501st Legion is a professional level Star Wars cosplay group that spans the world. These cosplayers tirelessly work to create film quality and detail accurate costumes, for which the are always recognized. But what is rarely talked about, is the comradeship and approach-ability of joining this illustrious group. Our previous Podcast guest and Alpine Garrison member, Damon Ricks, said the very same thing. Be sure to follow Amber's Blog to stay up to date with EVERYTHING that she has going on!!!

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That Character and I Are Sooo Alike!!! with McKninja Cosplay

This episode is with the one and only McKninja Cosplay!!!! (And don't you forget that "K"!!!) This delightful cosplayer, has been a refreshing and fun addition to every Salt Lake Comic Con or FanX. McKninja can usually be found in her highly recognizable Ahsoka Tano cosplay, a character from the animated "Star Wars: Clone Wars" series. He deep love for all things Star Wars, and that particular character bring an invigorating sense of life to her Ahsoka cosplay. And with such a recognizable character, McKninja has never shied away assisting with groups such as the Kids Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to bring inspiration and happiness to children facing long-term illness or other traumatic life events. Be Sure to follow McKninja in all of the events that she has coming up and the progress to her incredible cosplays.



Givin' Props!!! with Quantum Entanglement Props

I finally got to sit down with a prop maker!!! Zach Pickard, owner of Quantum Entanglement Props. The level of realistic props that Zach has created, is truly astonishing. Zach has created figure items from properties such as Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Lord of The Rings, and Destiny. And the creativity of the selection of materials that he has used, is remarkable as well.

Recently Zach has started to judge the local Salt Lake City Cosplay Competitions. During the episode, he gives an insight in what it is like to judge the competition, as well as a recommendation to look in on for future projects. At the last Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, you may have seen Zach walking around in a remarkable Titan cosplay from the game Destiny. And many fell in love with the Sparrow that he created for everyone to take pictures with. Zach is most definitely a signature prop maker that you will want to keep a keen on for the future.



501st Talk!!! with Aliyasews

The last of the Pre-FanX episodes is upon us!!! This time I sat down with Aliya Buist, her husband Jared, and friends. You know that I am having a great time when the episode starts with me laughing. Aliya and her group are members of the 501st Legion Alpine Garrison, a famous Star Wars cosplay group. To be a member of this highly recognized group, is a great priviledge and one that most do not take for granted. Aliya cosplays as Sabine from the animated show Star Wars Rebels. While her husband, is recognized as our beloved jet pack adorned merc Boba Fett. Both of these two put incredible detail into all of their work.

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501st Alpine Garrison:

Ep 24 with The Jedi in Jeans

Another episode in the Blitz is upon us and this time we have a JEDI!!! THE Jedi in Jeans, as a matter of fact. This episode was especially fun and intriguing for me; because in addition to being a great cosplayer Liz Cole, The Jedi in Jeans, is also a talented writer. I have aspired to become a writer since I was 9, yet my passion has always exceeded my actual ability.  That definitely is not the case for Liz. From the blog that she contributes to on The Geeky Mormon. To the personal Fanfiction that she also writes. This Jedi's skill in this particular venture could adequately place her in Knight-like level. But, as I said before, this Jedi is also a great cosplayer. From Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) to Leia Organa, Liz has embued every character that she has portrayed with a breath of life and a respect of someone that empathizes with the experiences of that character. Liz shares a deep connection with the characters, which in turn masterfully enhances the theatrics that tend to go along with cosplaying. Be sure to follow what The Jedi in Jeans is up to next. 





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The Jedi in Jeans Blog:

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Ep 12 with Gary Lizaso

This episode, I'm havin a great time with Gary Lizaso. Gary and I were laughing from second 1, and then started recording an hour later. Episodes like this are why I love doing this podcast. Gary's upbeat and hilarious attitude bring great character and life to all of his cosplays. Gary also does an amazing job incorporating his family into his cosplays, as well. His example further shows that you can still cosplay, while in a fantastic family.

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