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Ep 17 with Roman Candle Cosplay (Part 1)

So from the title you can deduce that this is not the full episode. That should tell you how amazing it REALLY was. This week's episode is with Carly Hardman, of Roman Candle Cosplay. This young woman is an energetic and talented fireball of a cosplayer. The level of intricate detail that she brings to every costume truly encapsulate Cosplay as an art form. Carly brings every character to life in her work. Some of which, truly capture her real personality.

Ep 13 with Larissa Paige

This week, I'm sitting down with the lovely and talented Larissa Paige. Larissa has been a newer, yet powerful addition to the professional cosplayer arena. And even though she still finds it difficult to consider herself as a pro in this world, her work as a designer and the achievements she's had in her career definitely regard her as a professional. Larissa has had the great fortune to be invited to numerous Cons around the country. All the while, Larissa has never lost her humility and starting motivation. I personally look forward to seeing where Larissa goes in her career. 





Ep 6 with Kelly Poynter (Salt Lake Green Arrow)

In this episode, I sat down with Salt Lake City's very own Green Arrow, Kelly Poynter. Sitting down with Kelly was really something special. The story of how at one time he was more than 400 lbs; then a dear friend convinced him to attend a Con. Even though that Con was not his first, it was his first time cosplaying. Recounting the time before the Con where Kelly began to lose weight in coming closer to his overall goal. Even after the Con was done, Kelly never let his determination waver to better himself. All the while, continuing to embody the personification of the classic Dennis O'Neill Greeen Arrow.

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