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Ep 28 with Woodpecker Cosplay

This very aptly named episode, is recorded with the hilarious and talented Woodpecker Cosplay, Brandon Peck. Brandon has been able to reveal a real talent in cosplay with hard work, determination, and a fun attitude that keeps every cosplay creative and festive. Brandon has the skill to bring characters right off the page in full detail; or bring on a creative twist to add more of his own personality to the character.

Brandon has had the great fortune to compete in a number of cosplay competitions. Every performance brings the same life, love, and humor that is apparent in every work of art. And I think it's that drive of determination that keeps Brandon working harder and harder to bring more to his next costume.



Ep 20 with Pink Lemonade & Aramis Pippin (NSFW)

In this episode of the Cracked Brain Podcast Pre-FanX Blitz, I sat down with Pink Lemonade Cosplay and Aramis Pippin. I love recording with people that can match my level of crazy and these two definitely did. Both are talented cosplayers with a bright future ahead of them. Most of their characters are from anime properties that they love, such as Haikyuu! and RWBY. Be sure to keep watching what these two cosplayers do in the future.

Pink Lemonade


Aramis Pippin


Ep 17 with Roman Candle Cosplay (Part 1)

So from the title you can deduce that this is not the full episode. That should tell you how amazing it REALLY was. This week's episode is with Carly Hardman, of Roman Candle Cosplay. This young woman is an energetic and talented fireball of a cosplayer. The level of intricate detail that she brings to every costume truly encapsulate Cosplay as an art form. Carly brings every character to life in her work. Some of which, truly capture her real personality.

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