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Children Stop!!! with AyyyTilley

I am so happy that this episode was finally done. Tilley has been an awesome person to get to know over the last few years. A random chance run-in has turned into a friendship that I cherish. Tilley is an incredibly talented entrepreneur and creative individual. Her talent has enabled her to work with some other professional creators. Website design, graphic design, video editing, and MUCH MORE; Tilley can do so many things. If you are planning to establish yourself on the internet in any way; I cannot recommend this talented individual more, to get you there.


“James Dean” by The Wrecks

Cracked Brain

Anime Bitties!!! with Ugami Cosplay

Shev is back!!! Shevonne Brown, of Ugami Cosplay returns to regale us with stories from Anime Expo. We also talk about my trip to Austin, Texas for RTX. And then our regular weeb craziness as well. Shev is definitely one of our favorite guests, and keep your eyes and ears out for more Shev in some other things that we are working on too. 

Ugami Cosplay

Cracked Brain

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