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(NSFW) Heckin Buttholes!!! with Gnarley Quinn Cosplay & Rachiemac

OOOHHHH I think it's time to get weird with this episode!!!!!! From the get go, we just get right into it all and just get real. I WARN YOU NOW!!! If you don't like harsh language and uncomfortably fun topics, than this episode might not be for you. With that being said, I HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST ON THIS EPISODE. 2 gorgeous women join me for a dynamically interesting episode this time around. Noelle Cummings, of Gnarley Quinn Cosplay, and our beloved Rachiemac join me on the Podcast to talk a ton of weird and current topics. Noelle is a fantastic cosplayer that never shoots for the "norm", but stylizes everything that she works on with her own unique and creative flair. She is also half of the team behind the hilarious and informative Freaky Geeks Podcast. If you haven't already subscribed to that amazing podcast, then get on it. Noelle and her podcast partner and stand-up comedian, Shayne Smith center their podcast on all that is, in fact, freaky and geeky. And never shall we forget the woman that coined the phrase and hastag "Aggressively Peeing" on this very Podcast; our beloved Rachiemac. Always fun with the anime talk, gaming shenanigans, and cosplay plans; Rachiemac is never one to disappoint with the hilarity.

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