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Gotta Edit That Out!!! with SLSF

Well this particular episode will be sure to stick with quite a few people. The members of the cosplay group “Salt Lake Super Friends”, which includes Stephan, are the people on this particular episode. We thought it was quite fitting that we get together before attending Snake River Fandom Con in Pocatello, ID. This group is comprised of cosplayers that most local to the Salt Lake area would quickly recognize. People such as, Rachel Blatchford, Kelly Poynter, Izzi Keener, Heather Huddleston, Travis Hysell, and Andrew Peters. I’ve discovered that if you put this many eccentric cosplayers together, you get podcasting gold.

Snake River Fandom Con

Izzy Keener

Kelly Poynter

Hotrod Heather

Rachel Blatchford

Travis Hysell

Andrew Peters

Cracked Brain

Are You Sure It's Not Decoder??? with Utahime

Morbidly Bubbly!!! with Jax Aris Bayne

Y'all are in for a treat with this episode. Jax Bayne sits down on this episode, and we get into talkin Harley Quinn. The origins, movie adaptations, cosplays, and more. Jax has been a recent addition to the local Utah cosplay community. Yet, Jax brings her Harley to life with amazingly accurate detail and an extensive knowledge of the character. And cosplay isn't the only artistry that you can see Jax's work. Lately, Jax been able to stream on Twitch and work in a few fan films and some modeling work.

Jax Aris Bayne

Cracked Brain

Pepakura Talk!!! with Travis Hysell

More cosplay podcast goodness is upon us!!!! And this time, I get to talk pepakura with a master, Travis Hysell. If you're local to the SLC area, you have definitely seen Travis in his trademark Batman cosplay, around town. From attending cons to assisting in charities, Travis embodies the character of Batman perfectly. Travis has tirelessly worked to create a "punch tested" full set of armor, that has stood the many labors of continual use and unexpected occurrences. And while consistantly improving his lineup of suits, he has continued to assist fellow cosplayers and the community alike. Being a foundation member of The Legacy Initiative, a charity cosplay group, Travis has taked part in food drives, homeless outreach programs, hospital visits, and more.



The Legacy Initiative: 

Ep 28 with Woodpecker Cosplay

This very aptly named episode, is recorded with the hilarious and talented Woodpecker Cosplay, Brandon Peck. Brandon has been able to reveal a real talent in cosplay with hard work, determination, and a fun attitude that keeps every cosplay creative and festive. Brandon has the skill to bring characters right off the page in full detail; or bring on a creative twist to add more of his own personality to the character.

Brandon has had the great fortune to compete in a number of cosplay competitions. Every performance brings the same life, love, and humor that is apparent in every work of art. And I think it's that drive of determination that keeps Brandon working harder and harder to bring more to his next costume.



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