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Turkey Battle Cry!!! SRFC Part 2

This is the last of the multi-recording episodes of the Snake River Fandom Con episodes. Listen in as Stephan sits down with Aaron Cody Snyder, author EC Stilson, and Chelsea Wilkerson and Matt Asboe of the Snake River Defenders. Thank you to everyone that came and asked to record; and sorry that Stephan wasn’t able to sit down with everyone. Next year we promise to keep the mics on for everyone that wants to record. But until then, check out these awesome quick interviews.

Snake River Defenders

EC Stilson

Wolfe’s Reaction Productions

Cracked Brain

Gotta Edit That Out!!! with SLSF

Well this particular episode will be sure to stick with quite a few people. The members of the cosplay group “Salt Lake Super Friends”, which includes Stephan, are the people on this particular episode. We thought it was quite fitting that we get together before attending Snake River Fandom Con in Pocatello, ID. This group is comprised of cosplayers that most local to the Salt Lake area would quickly recognize. People such as, Rachel Blatchford, Kelly Poynter, Izzi Keener, Heather Huddleston, Travis Hysell, and Andrew Peters. I’ve discovered that if you put this many eccentric cosplayers together, you get podcasting gold.

Snake River Fandom Con

Izzy Keener

Kelly Poynter

Hotrod Heather

Rachel Blatchford

Travis Hysell

Andrew Peters

Cracked Brain

Back Off My The Ghetto Mic!!! with Banzai Room Group

The Devil's Carnival with George Alcoser

We're going to have a little "theater fun" this episode. I was able to sit down with George Alcoser, a member of Cosplay Productions. Cosplay Productions is a local group of cosplayers of all levels that put on shadowcast theater productions. Shadowcast is a version of theater, where the source movie is played behind an on-stage performance.


Cosplay Productions:

Pepakura Talk!!! with Travis Hysell

More cosplay podcast goodness is upon us!!!! And this time, I get to talk pepakura with a master, Travis Hysell. If you're local to the SLC area, you have definitely seen Travis in his trademark Batman cosplay, around town. From attending cons to assisting in charities, Travis embodies the character of Batman perfectly. Travis has tirelessly worked to create a "punch tested" full set of armor, that has stood the many labors of continual use and unexpected occurrences. And while consistantly improving his lineup of suits, he has continued to assist fellow cosplayers and the community alike. Being a foundation member of The Legacy Initiative, a charity cosplay group, Travis has taked part in food drives, homeless outreach programs, hospital visits, and more.



The Legacy Initiative: 

Ep 27 Otaku Greatness!!! With Kiki Furia

Welcome to the Return of Kiki Furia.....for the first time lol. Sitting down with Kira Coelho, of Kiki Furia is so much fun for me, because of how hard we fan-girl about anime and cosplay. Kira is an amazing cosplayer in the Salt Lake area. She attacks every new costume with something a little new every time, and a love for that particular character. Personally, I love the gender-bend Bishop that she does. In addition to being a skilled cosplayer, Kira is also part of a phenomenal cosplay group called Cosplay Connect. You can find them on social media. Their goal is to bring cosplayers together in support and gratitude. Every person that joins the group takes a pledge to be supportive, generous, and non-judgemental. With every new pledge the, very literal, Chain of Cosplay Connect continues to grow. Whether you are a long-time master of cosplay, or barely working on your first costume; check out Cosplay Connect and help to grow a wonderful community.




Cosplay Connect:

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