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Because It Had Pants!!! with Becky's Creative Adventures

Hey!!! I finally did an episode where we stayed on cosplay as a topic. Lightning strikes every now and then, I guess.

Becky of Becky's Creative Adventures joins me on the Podcast to share her experience of competing in cosplay contests, choosing her next challenging cosplay, and the imposibility of sitting down in foam armor.

Becky has been recognized as a cosplayer that does not stay stagnant. The increasing complexity of each new cosplay, reveals talent, ingenuity, and a keen eye for detail. And rather that trying to rush a cosplay for a certain event every year; Becky takes her time to get in every detail and feature that she can possibly introduce. Often finding a way to achieve an effect that stuns every person around.

Becky's Creative Adventures

Cracked Brain

Givin' Props!!! with Quantum Entanglement Props

I finally got to sit down with a prop maker!!! Zach Pickard, owner of Quantum Entanglement Props. The level of realistic props that Zach has created, is truly astonishing. Zach has created figure items from properties such as Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Lord of The Rings, and Destiny. And the creativity of the selection of materials that he has used, is remarkable as well.

Recently Zach has started to judge the local Salt Lake City Cosplay Competitions. During the episode, he gives an insight in what it is like to judge the competition, as well as a recommendation to look in on for future projects. At the last Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, you may have seen Zach walking around in a remarkable Titan cosplay from the game Destiny. And many fell in love with the Sparrow that he created for everyone to take pictures with. Zach is most definitely a signature prop maker that you will want to keep a keen on for the future.



Ep 28 with Woodpecker Cosplay

This very aptly named episode, is recorded with the hilarious and talented Woodpecker Cosplay, Brandon Peck. Brandon has been able to reveal a real talent in cosplay with hard work, determination, and a fun attitude that keeps every cosplay creative and festive. Brandon has the skill to bring characters right off the page in full detail; or bring on a creative twist to add more of his own personality to the character.

Brandon has had the great fortune to compete in a number of cosplay competitions. Every performance brings the same life, love, and humor that is apparent in every work of art. And I think it's that drive of determination that keeps Brandon working harder and harder to bring more to his next costume.



Let The Contest Begin with Silver Fyre Studio

The last episodes before FanX are upon us. This episode is with the masterful Stephanie Stork, of Silver Fyre Studio. Stephanie has been a true cornerstone to the Salt Lake City cosplay scene. Having cosplayed for years, she has been able to immerse herself into the cosplay craft and bring to light a multitude of vividly spectacular costumes. With characters right off the page or screen; to creating a fun twist on a character. Armed with years of experience, creativity, and a sense adventure; Stephanie has employed a variety of skills to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Stephanie has also been decorated cosplayer, winning quite a few cosplay contests. Be sure to stay tuned to what Stephanie has going on next, and check out her website for more examples of her work.




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