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BONUS EPISODE: TP is Colorblind

Every now and then I think it’s fun to put up a bonus episode. And this time we’re going to do a full episode from our Patreon exclusive podcast “Do You Even Nerd Brah?” (DYENB). Stephan and Atom Bomb Body sit down to catch up on what has happened over the last month, share a few cosplay stories, find out what it’s like to model at Blizzard Entertainment, and of course another shart story. If you want to hear more like this, join the Cracked Brain Patreon Page.

Project Kilted Sideburns!!! with Neff Michael

Pardon the slightly longer intro to this episode. There were a few things that I needed to say first. But, this episode is all about.......STAR WARS!!! Well to be specific, it's about Mandolorians, Star Wars Rebels, Clone Wars, and a few other things. Michael Neff, or just Neff, joins me on today's episode to dive into everything I just listed up above here. Neff is not only an extremely caring cosplayer; but he also charitably assists those in need in the community. He and Bill Rowe host Cosplay Night at The Union, a Salt Lake City local tavern. The mission of Cosplay Night is to bring the community together to have fun, and to assist a sponsored person or organization in need. As a previous "assisted individual", these events truly help emotionally and financially. I wholeheartedly support this endeavor, and ask that all who can attend to please do so.


Because It Had Pants!!! with Becky's Creative Adventures

Hey!!! I finally did an episode where we stayed on cosplay as a topic. Lightning strikes every now and then, I guess.

Becky of Becky's Creative Adventures joins me on the Podcast to share her experience of competing in cosplay contests, choosing her next challenging cosplay, and the imposibility of sitting down in foam armor.

Becky has been recognized as a cosplayer that does not stay stagnant. The increasing complexity of each new cosplay, reveals talent, ingenuity, and a keen eye for detail. And rather that trying to rush a cosplay for a certain event every year; Becky takes her time to get in every detail and feature that she can possibly introduce. Often finding a way to achieve an effect that stuns every person around.

Becky's Creative Adventures

Cracked Brain

Back Off My The Ghetto Mic!!! with Banzai Room Group

QDOBA is an international treasure!!! with J Tanooki

I FINALLY DID IT!!!! The first online episode was recorded, and now it is here. And nothing could have been more special for me, than to talk with an incredible cosplayer that I have been following for quite some time now. This episode I had the immense honor to sit down with J Tanooki!!!! Hailing from the, in my short black opinion, the immense cold of Manitoba, Canada; J shares the similarities and slight differences of cosplaying between Canada and the US. But even with those minuscule differences, it's fun to see the same subtleties. Being a long time gamer and lover of the nerd culture, the cosplay work that J has been able to create is truly remarkable. Whether its based upon a character with a little creative difference, or an accurate recreation, Tanooki puts in 100% of blood, sweat, and love into everything she does. And by means of a channel on Twitch, J constantly has a great time interacting with the many individuals that follow her every week. Treat yourself to the witty and fun mind of J Tanooki by following her on all streams of media.





That Character and I Are Sooo Alike!!! with McKninja Cosplay

This episode is with the one and only McKninja Cosplay!!!! (And don't you forget that "K"!!!) This delightful cosplayer, has been a refreshing and fun addition to every Salt Lake Comic Con or FanX. McKninja can usually be found in her highly recognizable Ahsoka Tano cosplay, a character from the animated "Star Wars: Clone Wars" series. He deep love for all things Star Wars, and that particular character bring an invigorating sense of life to her Ahsoka cosplay. And with such a recognizable character, McKninja has never shied away assisting with groups such as the Kids Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to bring inspiration and happiness to children facing long-term illness or other traumatic life events. Be Sure to follow McKninja in all of the events that she has coming up and the progress to her incredible cosplays.



More Pin-ups, Clowns, and Mimes PLEASE!!! with Madazon Can Can

This episode is only a slight bit different than the usual episode. My guest, Madazon Can Can or Madi, talk about cosplay. But much more of the episode is dedicated to understanding clowning and the introspective pursuit that we should have to stay more imaginative and humorous. In addition to being a phenomenal cosplayer, Madi is a fantastic pin up model, aspiring professional clown, and frequent mime. We chat about the reactions people have towards clowns and mimes. And how crucial laughter and imagination is to ALL people, young and old alike.



501st Talk!!! with Aliyasews

The last of the Pre-FanX episodes is upon us!!! This time I sat down with Aliya Buist, her husband Jared, and friends. You know that I am having a great time when the episode starts with me laughing. Aliya and her group are members of the 501st Legion Alpine Garrison, a famous Star Wars cosplay group. To be a member of this highly recognized group, is a great priviledge and one that most do not take for granted. Aliya cosplays as Sabine from the animated show Star Wars Rebels. While her husband, is recognized as our beloved jet pack adorned merc Boba Fett. Both of these two put incredible detail into all of their work.

Aliya's Instagram:

Jared's Instagram:

501st Alpine Garrison:

Pepakura Talk!!! with Travis Hysell

More cosplay podcast goodness is upon us!!!! And this time, I get to talk pepakura with a master, Travis Hysell. If you're local to the SLC area, you have definitely seen Travis in his trademark Batman cosplay, around town. From attending cons to assisting in charities, Travis embodies the character of Batman perfectly. Travis has tirelessly worked to create a "punch tested" full set of armor, that has stood the many labors of continual use and unexpected occurrences. And while consistantly improving his lineup of suits, he has continued to assist fellow cosplayers and the community alike. Being a foundation member of The Legacy Initiative, a charity cosplay group, Travis has taked part in food drives, homeless outreach programs, hospital visits, and more.



The Legacy Initiative: 

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