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Best Playlist!!! with Canary Cry Cosplay

The Return of The SLC Green Arrow

The last episode of the Pre FanX Blitz!!! Thank you for hanging in there and dealing with the rush of episodes over the last few weeks. It's been a lot of fun recording with so many different cosplayers. A lot of fun times were had and great jokes shared. I wouldn't change a moment of it for the world. And there are still a few episodes that were recorded that haven't come out yet, so stay tuned for those.

But, for this last special episode I bring back a favorite to the Podcast. Kelly Poynter, our SLC Green Arrow, returns for his triumphant second episode to the Cracked Brain Podcast. Kelly first appeared on Ep 6 of the Podcast; where he recounted his start into Podcast. Even now, that episode is still one of my favorites and still serves as great motivation for me to keep pushing myself. I encourage ALL to go back and listen to that heartfelt and dynamic episode. Since then, 6 months have passed and Kelly has been hard at work in the world of cosplay. Establishing himself as a true professional cosplayer, he has been tirelessly working to improve every element of the Green Arrow costume. Adding details to some parts, and building all new components to others. Kelly has also incorporated new features to the costume from others, such as Ivory Forge. All the while, Kelly has continued to interact with the people that support and follow his progress. He has hosted a number of giveaways for himself and on the behalf of others. However, none of this momentous success has diminished the love of Green Arrow, cosplay, or any other facet of Kelly's life. I have loved watching Kelly Poynter challenge himself and continue to grow because of it. And I can't wait to see what he has in store next.




Ep 26 with Miss Snikt

The Pre-FanX Blitz is almost over. But that just means that there are still great episodes comin in the near future. I have been looking forward to uploading this episode, since right after we ended the recording. This episode, I sit down with Kaliegh Walther, or how we all should keep her in our hearts as, Miss Snikt. With a love that could rival any story written, Miss Snikt displays her respect for her beloved Wolverine by donning the cowl and claws. And seen firsthand, her knowledge of our brawling Logan is second to none. But the cosplay genius does not end there. With characters ranging from Ariel to Tank Girl, Miss Snikt brings to life a vast variety of picturesque and vibrant characters and costumes. This is definitely one cosplayer that you want to continually follow. 





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