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Project Kilted Sideburns!!! with Neff Michael

Pardon the slightly longer intro to this episode. There were a few things that I needed to say first. But, this episode is all about.......STAR WARS!!! Well to be specific, it's about Mandolorians, Star Wars Rebels, Clone Wars, and a few other things. Michael Neff, or just Neff, joins me on today's episode to dive into everything I just listed up above here. Neff is not only an extremely caring cosplayer; but he also charitably assists those in need in the community. He and Bill Rowe host Cosplay Night at The Union, a Salt Lake City local tavern. The mission of Cosplay Night is to bring the community together to have fun, and to assist a sponsored person or organization in need. As a previous "assisted individual", these events truly help emotionally and financially. I wholeheartedly support this endeavor, and ask that all who can attend to please do so.


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