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Stuff N' Things!!! with Pannon

We're going a step further in this episode. Today's guest, Pannon, is recognized worldwide as an energetic, humorous, and tremendously talented cosplayer. Pannon has competed in numerous cosplay competitions at events across the country. And as a long standing Master's Class competitor, she has been able to push herself and the creativity of her work to amazing lengths. And as the other half of the duo, Green Jello Cosplay, Pannon has been able to create a juggernaut-like team that strikes awe when they compete.

Many will also recognize Pannon and her cosplay partner Garnet Runestar, as the US representatives for WCS 2014. WCS, World Cosplay Summit, is basically the cosplay Olympics; with cosplayers officially selected to represent their home countries in a competition of showmanship, creativity, and skill. In this episode, you will hear about Pannon's experience qualifying, being selected, and then representing Team USA. 


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