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DRAMATIC...PAUSE!!! with Izzi Keener and Hotrod Heather

The craziness is alive and well, and this time it's NOT only Stephan delivering in this episode. Our guests Hotrod Heather and Izzi Keener are the dynamic cosplay couple that I know ALL of us want to be. Generous, upbuilding, supportive, chaotically funny, accepting of challenge, goal oriented, WE CAN GO ON FOR A LONG TIME WITH THIS!

These two are the best people you want in your group, to bring the great times, fun memories, and the glue of unity that we all need at a Con. Fantastic cosplayers that cosplay the characters that they both love immensely. And when you're around these two, it really is like being right next to the character that they are cosplaying. You're about to listen to one of the funniest episodes that has ever been recorded on this podcast.

Hotrod Heather

Izzi Keener

Cracked Brain

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