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Stuff N' Things!!! with Pannon

We're going a step further in this episode. Today's guest, Pannon, is recognized worldwide as an energetic, humorous, and tremendously talented cosplayer. Pannon has competed in numerous cosplay competitions at events across the country. And as a long standing Master's Class competitor, she has been able to push herself and the creativity of her work to amazing lengths. And as the other half of the duo, Green Jello Cosplay, Pannon has been able to create a juggernaut-like team that strikes awe when they compete.

Many will also recognize Pannon and her cosplay partner Garnet Runestar, as the US representatives for WCS 2014. WCS, World Cosplay Summit, is basically the cosplay Olympics; with cosplayers officially selected to represent their home countries in a competition of showmanship, creativity, and skill. In this episode, you will hear about Pannon's experience qualifying, being selected, and then representing Team USA. 


Cosplay Stitch & Seam

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Just wearin Harley E'erywhere!!! with Starline Cosplay

It's time to talk cosplay and costumes once more, and this time Brooke Young. Brooke is a Utah native that has been attending Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. With years of experience as a seamstress, Brooke has been able to cultivate a strong skill in cosplay and transfer that into her work as a costume designer. In this episode, Brooke recounts her experiences attending fashion school and what some of her classmates are like. And, in my opinion, Brooke has one of the coolest families encouraging her cosplay and fashion goals. This is definitely an episode that no sane person will want to miss. For more examples of Brooke's work, follow all of her social media accounts and check out her YouTube page as well.




Let The Contest Begin with Silver Fyre Studio

The last episodes before FanX are upon us. This episode is with the masterful Stephanie Stork, of Silver Fyre Studio. Stephanie has been a true cornerstone to the Salt Lake City cosplay scene. Having cosplayed for years, she has been able to immerse herself into the cosplay craft and bring to light a multitude of vividly spectacular costumes. With characters right off the page or screen; to creating a fun twist on a character. Armed with years of experience, creativity, and a sense adventure; Stephanie has employed a variety of skills to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Stephanie has also been decorated cosplayer, winning quite a few cosplay contests. Be sure to stay tuned to what Stephanie has going on next, and check out her website for more examples of her work.




Ep 18 with Morgen's Cosplay

In this week's episode, I sit down with Morgen Yoakum, of Morgen's Cosplay. Morgen is an amazing cosplayer, with a bubbly attitude and inspiring self confidence. Morgen creates all of her costumes by hand, with exceptional quality. And in case that wasn't enough, she typically will do a personality driven resemblance to a character, than a direct to page copy. The area where Morgen's skill truly shines, is in the speed that she can complete her costumes. In true Speedster fashion, Morgen can complete a unique costume within days of thinking of the idea. Where this would prove a crutch to most of us, Morgen revels in the challenge. Lately, Morgen has been testing her skills through public cosplay challenges. In these challenges, fans offer suggested random everyday items for Morgen to base a theme cosplay from. These challenges have been both intriguing and fun. I personally can't wait to see what Morgen does next.


Instagram: @morgen66

Facebook: Morgen's Cosplay

Ep 16 with Madame Moody + Kid Grimm

Our lovable Haunting Queen, "Madame Moody", returns in this week's episode with a guest. Her boyfriend "Kid Grimm", joins in and regales us with stories of how he got started in Haunting, his motivations, and fantastic stories of scaring any shred of life out of people. With years of experience, Kid Grimm imparts the psychological nuance of being a Haunter, and the devices employed to bring out fear in the strongest of minds.

Ep 9 with Mad House Custom Costumes

Sat down with Boots and Julie from Mad House Custom Costumes in Sandy, UT. This was such an amazing opportunity to get to know some inspiring women. The contagious, colorful nature of Julie and Boots is directly proportional to the fantastic work that these two create. I was personally blown away with the dresses, shoes/boots, materials....EVERYTHING ABOUT MAD HOUSE PRETTY MUCH!!! Be sure to check out their store at 9350 S. State St in Sandy, UT. Follow their Facebook (@madhousecostumeco) and Instagram ( to stay up to date on their upcoming events and specials.

Ep 2 with Madame Moody

During this episode, I had the amazing sit down with Madame Moody. An ingenious costume designer that specializes in the horror genre. This woman's terrifying creative genius has been a staple in the Utah horror community for years, and continues to grow. The Madame distinguishes the fine line between cosplay and costume design.

Follow her on Twitter @MadameMoodyCos

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