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Catchin' Up!!! with Reclaimerite Props

It’s about time that we get into the normal patterns for the podcast again. And I couldn’t think of another person better to do that with than someone that hasn’t been on the Podcast in a little while. Sage Fotu Male sits down on the Cracked Brain Podcast again; and this time we’re actually in chairs. It’s been a bit over a year and quite a bit has happened for both of us. We chat about Sage getting into DJ’ing, getting back in to cosplay, and more. You even hear the “Voice Acting RTX Panel” story again.

Hamsters Eat Their Babies!!! with Larissa Paige Cosplay

It’s time to catch up with another one of the early guests of the Podcast. Larissa Paige returns to share some of the fantastic stories that she has experienced in the last 2 years since her last visit. Larissa has been one of the hardest working people I’ve come to know in my life. Almost every week, she is traveling to a new event, creating a new cosplay, or investing valuable time and work into furthering her endeavors. During the limited time available to her, she still supports many individuals around her. This episode may be jovial and light-hearted, but there are few that I hold in such admiration, as Larissa.

Larissa Paige Cosplay

Photographer: Ivy Nix Photography

Cracked Brain

Best Girl's Gon' Get Dead!!! by RachieMac

Salt Lake FanX is behind us, so we can take a rest right? Well some of us can anyway. But let’s take a moment to look back over the weekend to remember some of the things we enjoyed. It was a bummer not seeing nearly as many people in attendance, but sometimes you need to make the best of a negative situation.

RachieMac joins me again to recount the weekend experiences. Panels, walking around, cosplay, etc. It was a semi-decent weekend.


Cracked Brain

Best Playlist!!! with Canary Cry Cosplay

Anime Bitties!!! with Ugami Cosplay

Shev is back!!! Shevonne Brown, of Ugami Cosplay returns to regale us with stories from Anime Expo. We also talk about my trip to Austin, Texas for RTX. And then our regular weeb craziness as well. Shev is definitely one of our favorite guests, and keep your eyes and ears out for more Shev in some other things that we are working on too. 

Ugami Cosplay

Cracked Brain

Damn It Mina!!! with Minasmols

We finally got around to getting Mina her own solo episode. And I am ecstatic that we did! Mina has been a fantastic cosplayer to get to know over the last year. The quality of her hand crafted costumes improves with each new venture. And on top of that, Mina NEVER back down from a new challenge. You will hear the passion behind her experiences in the local events. And I truly it hope that it inspires you all as well.

Every Friend is Greg!!! Claire's Closet Cosplay

I'm sorry about missing the episode last week, but I can't leave y'all hangin for 2 weeks in a row. This week's guest is Claire's Closet Cosplay! Claire has been in the Utah local cosplay community for some time now, but has recently moved back to Texas to further increase her cosplaying skills and attain other goals. As you will hear, Claire has a quick wit and strong personality to accompany the creativity that she employs.

As an immense fan of the game "World of Warcraft", Claire uses her knowledge of the game and that passion to enhance the costumes that she creates from the game. And as you will hear at the end of the episode, Claire uses her lovely voice to bring life to the characters he loves so much.

Claire's Closet Cosplay

Cracked Brain

DRAMATIC...PAUSE!!! with Izzi Keener and Hotrod Heather

The craziness is alive and well, and this time it's NOT only Stephan delivering in this episode. Our guests Hotrod Heather and Izzi Keener are the dynamic cosplay couple that I know ALL of us want to be. Generous, upbuilding, supportive, chaotically funny, accepting of challenge, goal oriented, WE CAN GO ON FOR A LONG TIME WITH THIS!

These two are the best people you want in your group, to bring the great times, fun memories, and the glue of unity that we all need at a Con. Fantastic cosplayers that cosplay the characters that they both love immensely. And when you're around these two, it really is like being right next to the character that they are cosplaying. You're about to listen to one of the funniest episodes that has ever been recorded on this podcast.

Hotrod Heather

Izzi Keener

Cracked Brain

Dwarven Gamer Beard!!! with TacitusNerdom

I LOVE HAVING RETURN GUESTS!!! Michael Todd comes back to regale us with Greek/Roman History and GAMES! Mike has really come into his own in regards to the nerdy community. Mike has always been a gamer, but now he is venturing into the world of cosplay. We only talk about it for a second, but he is planning to do Floki from the series "Vikings". Mike is also hard at work on developing his wood working skills. I love the self motivating spirit that Mike puts forth everyday. 

Michael Todd

Mosers Custom Computers

Cracked Brain

Window Tentacles!!! with TinyTeaCos & SommerTimeIsTheBest

Time for some more chaotic and meandering fun! And who better to have on than TinyTeaCos and SommerTimeIsTheBest. This time we at least stayed on topic for a good portion of the podcast. If you didn't listen to the last time these talented women were on the podcast, I highly encourage you to go and start there. These two put there heart and soul into each cosplay that they do. Yet, all that hard work would not be complete unless they also through in some personality to go along with that, and personality is a trait that these two have in ample supply.

TinyTeaCos (Thi)

SommerTimeIsTheBest (Sonia)

Cracked Brain

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