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What's That Username Again!?! with George Alcoser

I think its about time we had a BONUS EPISODE!!! And who better to have on as a guest than our exquisite shadowcast performer, George Alcoser. If you remember from the last time that George was on the Podcast, he is a part of a local theatre group that performs in the style of Shadow Cast performances. Shadow cast is a style where the film version of the production plays behind the live version simultaneously. The live performers have the difficulty of remaining in-sync with the film, never detracting from the film being played, but also must bring a creative and alternate performance that goes hand in hand with what's being played behind them.

The performing group that George is a part of is Cosplay Productions. Cosplay Productions, is a fantastic group of cosplay performers that throw their all into every aspect of the performance. Being skilled cosplayers, gives them an understanding of the costuming and props that accompany the performance. In addition, the performing aspect requires them to portray their characters to the fullest.

In addition to Cosplay Productions, George is also a now experienced karaoke jockey. Black Out Entertainment is the company George performs as a KJ for during the week. With the unrelenting energy that comes naturally, George enlivens The Ice Haus to a fun, raucous degree.

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