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There is NEVER Enough RWBY Talk!!! with RENNAgade Cosplay

This here episode was recorded with the fabulous and uber talented Renna Mira of RENNAgade Cosplay. Renna is a Utah local that has been creating masterpieces when it comes to cosplay. Intricately detailed and stunning costumes created from scratch, that are all near and dear to her heart. And creative pieces such as a formal Widowmaker, from the game Overwatch, and an amazing Catria, from Fire Emblem. Recently, Renna has also been working more with creating props and utilizing EVA foam. Renna has been a primary and noticeable feature to many of our Utah cons. And with the arrival of new tools now available to her, the work we can look forward to will be truly amazing. For tips, techniques, or just a great person to talk anime with; reach out and give this amazing woman a great follow.



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