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"I'm Ruby, and I like sticking cookies up my nose"!!! with SASS Cosplay

I hope you are ready for an episode with A LOT of cosplay, anime, and RWBY!!! (that is capitalized because that is how it is actually titled; and also because of how much I FREAKING LOVE THAT SHOW!!!) This episode 3 members of the cosplay group, SASS Cosplay, sit down on the Podcast. Rachel (RaeRae Cosplay), Sara (Raine Emery Cosplay), Ali (Lalee Cosplay) share stories of life as a cosplay group, the experiences they've had at Cons, and just mess around like usual. The photographer and editor of the Group, Izzy, couldn't join us on the episode, but no energy was lost with these three. As individual cosplayers, they are fantastic. But as a group, these women are a hilarious force of nature. DO NOT miss your chance to follow this amazingly talented group of cosplayers.

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