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#AggressivelyPeeing!!! with Rachell Sean Part 1

Get ready for an episode that is quite unlike the rest. This episode was recorded with Rachell Sean, with intermittent portions with her boyfriend Cameron. And, we talk an obscene amount just on anime. And, unlike most of the previous guests, Rachell isn't predominantly a cosplayer. Rachell loves to cosplay, but is also a model and gamer. In fact, during the recording, Cameron was streaming himself playing Diablo 3.

This episode was so much fun for me, because anime is something that I hold VERY dear to my heart. And as I don't usually get to talk much on anime, an episode that was pretty much dedicated to it was amazing fun. So even if anime may not be your "thing", stick around for this episode and have some fun. Be sure to check out what both Rachell and Cameron are doing on ALL of their platforms. And check out their Twitch channels. I've started following them both, and I'm having an amazing time.

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