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Plushies and Cross-play!!! with LaVieve Cosplay

This episode I sit down with the young, but exquisitely talented LaVieve Cosplay. This young woman may be relatively new to cosplay, but her skills with fabric are definitely of a level to be recognized. You may recognize LaVieve at local Cons, as the character Coran from the new series of Voltron. Although, you may have to do a double-take to recognize her. This exceptional woman has taken her cosplay to another level, by Cross-playing. Cross-play, is a form of cosplay where, instead of genderbending a male character into a female representation; the character's gender is kept while being played by member of the opposite sex. You can see where the degree of difficulty can become quite high. However, LaVieve has displayed a mastery of this technique, while giving tremendous respect to the character. This is most definitely a newer form  of cosplay that I will be watching closely.



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