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Ep 25 with Katrina Kosplay

Not 100% sure if this is the half way point in the Pre-FanX Blitz, but let's just say it is. Anyway, this episode is with the lovely Katrina Kosplay!!! For someone so new to cosplay, Katrina has a cosmic level of passion for the art. Every character that she chooses is from a place of respect and love. And that love is clearly seen in the photos taken and the life she releases into every cosplay. Recreating shots from art and comics that she loves to getting goofy with teaser shots, Katrina is always bringing something new to the table. And with all that, combined with a love of gaming and anime!!!! Before and after the episode, we were fan-girling over our favorite anime moments and series. Be sure to keep in touch with the fun that Katrina masterfully shares.



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