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Ep 27 Otaku Greatness!!! With Kiki Furia

Welcome to the Return of Kiki Furia.....for the first time lol. Sitting down with Kira Coelho, of Kiki Furia is so much fun for me, because of how hard we fan-girl about anime and cosplay. Kira is an amazing cosplayer in the Salt Lake area. She attacks every new costume with something a little new every time, and a love for that particular character. Personally, I love the gender-bend Bishop that she does. In addition to being a skilled cosplayer, Kira is also part of a phenomenal cosplay group called Cosplay Connect. You can find them on social media. Their goal is to bring cosplayers together in support and gratitude. Every person that joins the group takes a pledge to be supportive, generous, and non-judgemental. With every new pledge the, very literal, Chain of Cosplay Connect continues to grow. Whether you are a long-time master of cosplay, or barely working on your first costume; check out Cosplay Connect and help to grow a wonderful community.




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