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Ep 24 with The Jedi in Jeans

Another episode in the Blitz is upon us and this time we have a JEDI!!! THE Jedi in Jeans, as a matter of fact. This episode was especially fun and intriguing for me; because in addition to being a great cosplayer Liz Cole, The Jedi in Jeans, is also a talented writer. I have aspired to become a writer since I was 9, yet my passion has always exceeded my actual ability.  That definitely is not the case for Liz. From the blog that she contributes to on The Geeky Mormon. To the personal Fanfiction that she also writes. This Jedi's skill in this particular venture could adequately place her in Knight-like level. But, as I said before, this Jedi is also a great cosplayer. From Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) to Leia Organa, Liz has embued every character that she has portrayed with a breath of life and a respect of someone that empathizes with the experiences of that character. Liz shares a deep connection with the characters, which in turn masterfully enhances the theatrics that tend to go along with cosplaying. Be sure to follow what The Jedi in Jeans is up to next. 





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