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Ep 18 with Morgen's Cosplay

In this week's episode, I sit down with Morgen Yoakum, of Morgen's Cosplay. Morgen is an amazing cosplayer, with a bubbly attitude and inspiring self confidence. Morgen creates all of her costumes by hand, with exceptional quality. And in case that wasn't enough, she typically will do a personality driven resemblance to a character, than a direct to page copy. The area where Morgen's skill truly shines, is in the speed that she can complete her costumes. In true Speedster fashion, Morgen can complete a unique costume within days of thinking of the idea. Where this would prove a crutch to most of us, Morgen revels in the challenge. Lately, Morgen has been testing her skills through public cosplay challenges. In these challenges, fans offer suggested random everyday items for Morgen to base a theme cosplay from. These challenges have been both intriguing and fun. I personally can't wait to see what Morgen does next.


Instagram: @morgen66

Facebook: Morgen's Cosplay

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