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Go Ask Your Mom!!! with Mermaids

Between naming this episode "There's a Mermaid Under the Table" and "Go Ask Your Mom", you could say that I had a wonderful time. The amazing ladies of the Sandy Sirens, Utah Mermaids, and the Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake showed me a FIN-tastic time. Yeah that's right, A FIN PUN! If you've ever been curious about mermaid life, then this is the episode for you. These women share all of the great, fun, and irritating stories that they've experienced over the last years in the Mer-community. 

Sandy Sirens

Mermaid Meranda

Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake

Mermaid Aine

Utah Mermaids

Mermaid Ophelia


Mermaid Sahar

Jax Bayne

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