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Sup guys! I’m Carly Rae. Please don’t call me… maybe. :) Some of you might know me as Roman Candle Cosplay. That’s cool too. :) I started Roman Candle Cosplay in 2009.. Obviously it wasn’t named then, but that’s when this obscenely expensive hobby of mine began. I often wonder if it would have been cheaper to be a gambler. It started with a cosplay thrown together about 3 months before Anime Banzai 2009 back when it was still at the Sheraton in Downtown SLC. That cosplay was the Daughter of Evil from the hit saga created by Vocaloid. Since then, it’s been this roller coaster of emotions and experiences that continues into 2018.

I met Stephan in December of 2016 when he approached me on Facebook to be on the podcast. I agreed and the episode was released on January 25, titled Episode 17. That’s right. I was on before naming the podcasts were cool. Awww ye boi. Since then, our friendship spiraled out of control and into a flaming death pit of sibling rivalry. I was also the first member of Cracked Brain staff to ever be on the podcast, followed by Tyler and Candace and then Brandon... (To be continued... on the next pic.)


... At the end of 2017, after helping bat around ideas for various media projects, Stephan decided to bring his Happiest Hurricane to the team as a personality, writer, and designer. Best decision ever.

All you need to know about me is that I’m a meme loving idiot who indulges herself in way too many puns and dad jokes. I speak sarcasm fluently. Buuuut because I usually tell everyone I know my life story, here goes:
November 30, 1995 at 10:42 PM I was born in Mesa, Arizo-. Just kidding. That part was true, but I’m not gonna start from the day I was born. Currently, I’m working as a barista at Starbucks inside one of the Smith’s Marketplace. I work full time for Cracked Brain working on a few unmentioned projects with Stephan as well as running the side blog called The Sundae Bar.

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