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Brandon Peck

Hey guys, I'm Brandon AKA WoodPecker Cosplay. I run the YouTube Channel ie: TheCrackedBrain. Over there you can find gaming videos, community night, convention CMV's and interviews, The CrackedTube Vodcast, as well as the Fractured Friday Wrap-Up, giving you an incite of behind the scenes. Also I am the target of all the red heads that have been on the show.

A little bit about me: I'm the old one of the group, so sometimes I make movie quotes that are ahead of the others' time. Que the crickets. Currently I work full-time as a warehouse manager for Duerden's Appliance and Mattress. It's a really fun job and work with some amazing people. It's not what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. I studied Game Arts and Design at The Arts Institute of Salt Lake City. The education developed there was very valuable and used in my daily life. I do cosplay competitively and enjoy the friends that are made. Yes its a competition on who made what better, but my experiences have all been that everyone is there supporting everyone else.

Plans for the future is to go full time with Cracked Brain. Touring conventions around the country promoting and developing cosplay. People like seeing what has been created, but they love getting to know you. We are here to have fun, to be non judgemental, and to make friends. I cannot thank Stephan enough for all the fun that has been created by meeting all of you. You are all great and I want to get your name out there with my camera.

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